• Siti Asiah Murni Wijaya Kusuma University, Surabaya , Indonesia
  • James Tumewu University Of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya
  • Rica S. Wuryaningrum University Of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya
Keywords: management environment, type industry, performance environment, size company, carbon emission disclosure


- Efforts to reduce Greenhouse Movement emissions including emission carbon ) made by the company as perpetrator effort could is known from disclosure emission carbon (Carbon Emission Disclosure).  Disclosure Carbon Emission in Indonesia is still character disclosure volunteering and practice still seldom carried out by the company. Study this aim for analyze practice management proxy environment _ with type industry, performance environment, size companies and audit committees and carbon emissions disclosure . Research sample is company manufactures listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The analytical technique used is method qualitative descriptive. Research Results showing variable type industry and variables size company take effect to disclosure emission carbon, while variable performance Environment and audit committee not take effect to disclosure emission carbon


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Murni, S. A., Tumewu, J., & Wuryaningrum, R. S. (2022). ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PRACTICE AND CARBON EMISION DISCLOSURE. Journal of Industrial Engineering & Management Research, 3(4), 248-254. https://doi.org/10.7777/jiemar.v3i4.391