How The Role of Digital Marketing and Brand Image on Food Product Purchase Decisions? An Empirical Study on Indonesian SMEs in the Digital Era

  • Agus Purwanto Doctorate in Industrial Management, Kazian School of Management, India
Keywords: Digital Marketing, Brand Image, Digital era, Purchase Decision


This empirical research aims to test and prove the effect of marketing strategy through digital marketing on purchasing decisions and the brand image variable is a mediation. Data were collected using a sampling technique where 320 respondents transacted in Indonesian SMEs. This research method is a quantitative method through path analysis and data analysis using SPSS software. The research data was obtained using a Likert scale questionnaire distributed online. Based on the results of multiple linear analysis and Sobel test, it shows that digital marketing has a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions and brand image as a moderating variable can strengthen or increase the influence of Digital Marketing variables on purchasing decision variables.


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